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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The 8th and final event of the Deal4EU project took place in Berlin from 20th till 23rd of March. The partners from Kulturlabor Trial&Error put together an interesting and motivational program for the youths and the partners, showing them Berlin through new and sustainable eyes by visiting and participating in urban gardening, visual artists and other initiatives.

Upon their arrival on March 20th, the participants enjoyed a well prepared dinner before the Berlin team took them to witness the underground jazz and art scene run by a non-profit organization. The organization aims to create a space where individuals from diverse cultural and social backgrounds can collaborate on various projects.

On the following day, the group visited the Tempelhof Community Project. This spacious area was once an airport, but now serves as a gathering place for Berlin residents to hang out, do sports or work in the community garden.

Next, the group visited the Prinzessinengärten, Berlin’s best known urban gardening project. The garden is constructed on an old graveyard and is managed by a team of volunteers. They offer tours, workshops and employ organic techniques to maintain the garden, plants and seeds.

During the visit, the Deal4EU participants had the opportunity to learn how to become urban gardeners by crafting their own seed bombs. These are small clay covered mounds of seeds and growing soil, which were initially used by guerilla gardeners. Seed bombs can be used to transform an urban area into a green space!

After getting their fingers green, the group headed back to the Trial&Error office to learn about the Tauschaladen concept. This idea involves a community-based exchange of unwanted items for things people need. The office houses one of the shops where this takes place. The day ended with a pleasant dinner and an ecological kino evening featuring five award-winning short films exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

On the third day, the group had a scheduled tour and presentation from the Karl Kunger Kiez initiative. The initiative oversees various projects within the neighborhood aimed among others at promoting local collaboration, fostering community spirit and educating children and young adults.

Following that, a representative from the local government gave a presentation on their efforts towards achieving the Green Deal in the neighborhood. The program ended with a feedback session, during which the participants shared sustainable ideas they planned to implement back home, such as developing urban gardens and creating multi-purpose spaces. After this inspiring meetin in Berlin, all participants departed on March 23rd to return home.

The final event of the Deal4EU project provided the group with much knowledge regarding sustainable practices in Berlin. This knowledge, combined with insights gained from previous meetings, has been integrated into the declaration of honor. The declaration involves sustainibility and emphasizes the involvement of young individuals in policy-making processes. It will be accessible on the website for you to sign and share!

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