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Deal4EU takes to the streets in Italy!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

On the 1st and 2nd of February, youths from different European countries gathered in Portogruaro to take to the streets. The Italian partner Vegal had arranged a diverse and interesting program, starting with visiting best practices in the region of Eastern Venice.

H-farm, a campus where innovation, entrepreneurship and education come together, was the first stop. The beautiful location, green buildings and sustainability of the campus were very inspiring and participants were happy to enjoy an espresso at the campus coffeshop.

The second stop of the day was La Fagiana. A ricefarm, where the participants were surprised with a risotto show cooking and some ricebeer and riceprosecco, all ingredients locally made.

The participants learned how the farm protects its biodiversity and how they use technology to farm and be sustainable. After the tour and lunch, the participants moved to a village close by for presentations of other best practices and influential organisations in the Eastern venice region, such as experts from the municipality of San Donà di Piave, Plastic Free and Legambiente.

The second day of the program took place at Luzzatto High School in Portogruaro. Together with students from the high school, the participants worked on an environmental challenge or solution brought from their own country and created a poster to share this.

After creating the posters, the participants took to the streets in Portogruaro! Interviewing locals to find out how sustainable the people are and what they know of the Green Deal, while also sharing information and flyers of this.

The program in Italy was inspiring and gave the participants the chance to engage with the local people of Portogruaro. We look forward to the last meeting in Berlin, where we will bring together and share all the gathered knowledge!

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