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Meet the partners

Learning Hub Friesland

Learning Hub Friesland is passionate about inspiring pupils, students and teachers from our region by entering into international collaborations. European projects offer fantastic opportunities for personal development and professionalisation and for gaining and sharing new ideas.  By bringing the Deal4EU initiative to Friesland, Learning Hub Friesland is offering 17 young people the chance to go and explore Europe and contribute to solutions for a greener future.

Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V.

Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V. is a Berlin based multicultural collective of designers, media-activists, artists, pedagogues and urban gardeners striving for a creative and sustainable future.

We are active in creative activism, environmental awareness, neighbourhood work, education, and community building.

Trial & Error is experienced in international workshops, non-formal education in schools and youth centres, activities in art centres and other places.


Athienou Municipal Youth Council

The Municipal Youth Board of Athienou was constituted in 2017 under the Municipality of Athienou and was approved by the Youth Board of Cyprus. The Municipal Youth Board has around 500 members (15-35 years-old) and is governed by an elected council of 11 persons.  Its scope of work is to promote youth participation in local community life and constitute a space for youth to express its needs. Moreover, the Youth Board works as an advisory body on youth topics for the local authority.


City Council Of Catral 
Youth Department & Catral Municipality


Catral is a municipality located in the south of the region of the Valencian Community, at the south of Alicante. It has 8,880 inhabitants. The Municipality is also close to the sea and has a potential economic sector in agriculture. Catral counts with different offices that are part of the same Municipality which will provide resources, management, personnel, volunteers, facilities and will organise activities in the same town in order to promote EU’s values and foster activities which will promote the personal growth, non-formal education and social inclusion of youngsters. Besides, the Municipality has the capacity to contact entities and organisations both private and public, to engage them in the activities proposed during the project to have a wider point of view and that the results will arrive to a great majority of the public.  

Its relation to agriculture, as well as the current European Climate Emergency, motivated Catral to lead this Network of Towns. Specifically, the last torrential rains in September 2019 and the official launch of the EU Green Deal motivated its decision.  Catral plays an important role in the project, coordinating the definition of the project ideas, preparation of the application and the project implementation while contributing to the common outputs of the project. 

The Municipality of Tivat is local self


he Municipal Assembly has 32 members, which create local policies dealing city development. Local administration is performed by Secretariats: Secretariat for Local Government, Secretariat for Spatial Planning, Secretariat of Finance, Secretariat of Economy, Secretariat of Social Affairs, Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision, and  4 services / Office Chief Administrator, Mayor Office, Civil Protection Service and Rescue and Internal Audit service / 2 Directorate / Directorate of Investment and Property Directorate /. The municipality of Tivat is a member of many international associations. We maintain close contacts with cities and countries in the region and worldwide. Within the framework of cross-border cooperation activities, the Municipality of Tivat applied with many projects in the field of energy efficiency, culture, sustainable development and protection of the sea and the environment, as well as improving social protection, employment and youth policies.  

Social Hub

Social HUB is an NGO founded and registered at the beginning of 2018 by three young enthusiasts that decided to unite under common vision and goals. Social HUB is youth workers, mentors, volunteers and friends that have a common interest in sharing their personal and professional experience in the areas like outdoor activities, sport, arts, and sustainability to encourage and promote social inclusion through non-formal education. We promote collaboration between non-profit organizations active in the field of culture, outdoor activities, sports and social inclusion, developing a community of young active people that share lifechanging stories.


Društvo Za Razvijanje Prostovoljnega Dela

Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto)is Slovenian non-governmental and humanitarian organisation, working in the public interest in the area of social care, youth and culture.

Our mission is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all. Our two leading programs therefore deal with inclusion of socially excluded groups and with the stimulation of the NGO development and civil dialogue. Our activities within the programs are performed by expert and voluntary work. We promote the values of solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism, active living, clean environment, citizenship awareness and inter-cultural dialogue.

DRPDNM is skilled in local, regional, national and international projects as it deals with projects funded by local, national and EU programmes and funds (ESF, EACEA, EIDHR, EYF, E+, CEI, IPA, BIFC, JUST, H2020, DAPHNE III, INTERREG, EuropeAid…).


VeGAL is the development agency of Eastern Venice Metropolitan area. An area of 22 municipalities where VeGAL supports the territory's competitiveness and businesses (acting in tourism, agriculture, environmental protection), promotes intersectoral action to qualify the local supply, in order to improve the quality of life. VeGAL was founded as a Local Action Group to implement the development policies in rural areas. Today, VeGAL has now become a local development agency, promoting and participating in EU projects with a bottom-up approach and participating in public-private partnerships. VeGAL acts as LAGs in the framework of the EAFRD funds and as FLAG under provisions of FEAMP. As LAG, VeGAL has worked in the LEADER approach since 1994/99 with LEADER II and with LEADER + in 2000/06. Then, during 2007/13 phase, VeGAL was included for the first time in the Veneto Region Rural Development Program. The current Local Development Program is based on the "Community Led Local Development" (CLLD), a local participatory development led by a local partnership (the LAG) between public sector actors, private sector and civil society. Over the years, VeGAL has developed many projects in the agricultural, environmental and ecological sectors, supporting the concepts of organic production, protection of biodiversity, promotion of typical products and quality, enhancement of the environment and the landscape.

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