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We are looking for youngsters who are keen to make a difference in Europe on sustainability and circularity issues and turn them into opportunities for a greener Europe.


From September 2021 onwards, we will organize 8 international events in 8 partner countries: Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Cyprus and Bulgaria. Every 2-3 months there is an event. During every international event, a different international group of 20 youngsters from these 8 countries will actively participate in different workshops and activities regarding the European Green Deal, organized by the hosting partner.


By applying to the project, you get a chance to join one of these events with other youngsters from your country and from the partner countries. We invite you to provide your preference and availability for a specific event abroad.  


During the event, you will make a video to summarize the meeting activities and results. What you have learnt in the event will further be discussed with other local youngsters once you are back home. This discussion is about the implementation of the new ideas and solutions you got from the event.

Your benefits

  • The opportunity to participate in the activities and workshops about Green Deal, sustainability, and environment in our partner countries

  • Work with students and young people from different education levels and backgrounds. A chance for you to make international friends!

  • A chance to become a DEAL4EU Green Deal Ambassador

  • Contribute to making the world a greener place


Our expectations

  • You are between 18 and 30 years of age.

  • Have knowledge about the European Green Deal

  • Highly Passionate about sustainability and the environment

  • A love for nature

  • Attend the event moment that you have signed up for!

  • Actively participate in the workshops and activities

  • Make a vlog of the event to inspire others

  • Report back to other youngsters in Friesland to share the lessons learned

Application Process (First round)

You have 2 options to apply:

1. Filling in the application form below and send us a video introducing yourself, your experience (if any) related to the Green Deal, sustainability and/ or the environment. 


2. Filling in the application form below and send us your CV.


Please answer the questions in the form as well.

The application documents can be in Dutch, English or Frisian.

Application Process (Second round)

The second round is a 1-on-1 talk with us. You will be given a case study and some questions to present your opinions on them. We will discuss some other considerations if there are any.

Please note: This is an ongoing application, which means we will have continuous recruitment throughout the project’s lifespan. The deadline for application to participate to the first event in Spain is: ………….


Join the Green Movement


What are your added values to the project, what ideas will you bring?


What is your vision for a greener Europe?


How will you travel to your preferred event abroad (describe itinerary, means of travel, foreseen time & costs, etc.)?


What are your expectations from joining DEAL4EU?


Thank you for applying!

Got any questions? Contact us through

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