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Youth Ambassadors met for the fourth time, this time in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Day 1 - Working dynamics

On the 19th of May, the group of new youth ambassadors have been welcomed in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, by Learning Hub Friesland.

They begun their day with a creative session, where the participants have learned to see different dynamics to generate interest for action, and how to promote youth action for sustainability. The focus lies on acting as individuals through discovery and seeing how individuals can change their personal space in order to change the environment around them.

After the meeting everyone gathered at Downies & Brownies café, a business that integrates and supports the Down's Syndrome community, normalising this condition and providing a unique job opportunity. After a quick lunch, everyone were given some BOSK project t-shirts, t-shirts were donated from local festivals such as "Down the Rabbit Hole" that have been printed on the inside.

With the BOSK garments in place, the participants were headed off to move trees where they were shown how to use the hand transporters and begin to move the "walking trees" exhibition to its next location.

The aim is to raise awareness by changing the urban landscape, altering the circulation in the city so that we are forced to observe the benefits of an eco-sustainable, green and much more aesthetic environment.

The official part of the day was closed by a partner hybrid meeting. Where each of the project members presented the local actions undertaken in relation to DEAL4EU.

Day 2: 20th of May Day 2 of the programme started at the local FabLab, where participants learned about the local initiatives and how waste can be turned into useful items. After the presentation of the FabLab, a contest was held, where everyone was asked to collect unused items that were laying around the room (things left from 3D printing, laser cutting, etc.) and make a useful invention out of them. The participants created everything from pillboxes from bottle caps to a door décor and even a drinking game from what a normal person would consider “trash”. Everyone had lunch on a boat while driving to the Water Campus Leeuwarden, where the Scavenger Hunt for local events continued. The participants got an introduction to the Campus itself, but also to why water is so important in Leeuwarden (because Leeuwarden is the “Capital of Water Technology”!). The meeting was concluded with a dinner and a “goodbye” to all the partners.

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