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5th meeting in Athienou: My role is green!

Athienou, a picturesque town in Cyprus, played host to the latest DEAL4EU meet-up, where the participants explored the role of individuals in building a greener future, especially the role of young people as ambassadors for our future.

The first day was packed with interesting activities, including an introduction to the Municipality's green policy, a short play by children and teachers from the eco-school “Nagia Kindergarten”, a traditional cheesemaking (hallumi) process, and a reflection on the Green Deal principles, among others.

On day two, the participants visited a Biomass Power Plant and the Malloura archaeological site, where they learned about the environmental and historical background of the area, as well as the process of creating the site using local natural materials.

The meeting also included a focus on communication, with participants working on short green messages to be shared on social media and creating short videos expressing these messages and ideas in favor of the green transition.

Overall, the meeting in Cyprus was a great success, with participants taking away valuable insights and experiences to help them drive positive change in their communities. We look forward to the next DEAL4EU meet-up and continuing the important work of building a greener future for all.

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