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March 2023



We are the new Europe!

At our final conference in Berlin, we got to see a green Berlin and brought together everything we had learned in our various European meet-ups and presented our findings in a Declaration of honour.

We are the new Europe!

Time & Location

March 2023

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About the event

The final event of the Deal4EU project took place in Berlin, with partners from Kulturlabor Trial&Error arranging an inspiring program for the participants. They visited and participated in various sustainable initiatives such as urban gardening, visual arts, and the Tauschaladen concept. The group learned how to become urban gardeners by crafting their own seed bombs and heard about efforts towards achieving the Green Deal in the neighborhood. The program ended with a feedback session, during which the participants shared sustainable ideas they planned to implement back home. This inspiring event provided the group with much knowledge regarding sustainable practices in Berlin, which has been integrated into the declaration of honor that emphasizes the involvement of young individuals in policy-making processes. Find out more about the meeting in Berlin here.

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